Optical brightener agent OB for plastics

Best whitening agent optical brightener OB 184 for plastic

[Chemical name] 2,5′-Bis[2-(5-tert-butyl benzoxazolyl-2'-)thiophene

[Molecular weight] 430

[Structural formula]


[Formula] C26H26N2O2S

[Appearance] slight greenish yellow powder

[Structure] a compound of benzoxazole type

[Melting point] 200℃-202℃

[Solubility] hardly soluble in water,but soluble in paraffins,mineral oils and ordinary organic solvents.


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APPEARANCE Slight greenish yellow powder


OB can be used for whitening thermoplastic plastics,PVC, PS, PE, PP, ABS,Acetate fier, paint,coating , printing ink ,etc..It can be added at any stage in prodess for process for shitening the polymers and can give the finished products a bright bluish white glaze.

[Directions for use and dosage]

The dosage shoule be 0.01-0.05% on weight of plastic.Put whitening agent OB into plastic pellets,mix the mixture thoroughly and then carry out shaping.Fluorescent whitening agent OB is similar to Uvitex OB made in foreign country.


Paper drum lined with plastics bags,net in 25kg or 10kg .


OB can be handled in accordance with the usual rules for industral chemicals.Avoid dust formation and ignition sources. Stored indry and cool place.


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25KG cardboard drums are packed in double lined bags and kept away from light in a cool, dry place

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